Monday, December 21, 2009

Highlights of 2009

Tyler said, "So since you didn't do a Christmas letter this year, and you're putting our blog on our card, you should probably do a recap of 2009 post instead. Great idea honey!

So here's our top ten great things about 2009. In no particular order.

Cole, 4 years old:
10: still loving guitars and some serious rockin out. He can harmonize too.

9: Star Wars has become his latest favorite thing. Calls his light saber a light SAVER.

8: Started a pre school program this year called MELP. He LOVES it. He's sounding out words and reading so well already. And is just too grown up.

7: favorite restaurant of 2009: Wendys. Chicken nuggets.

6: thinks little brother Bowen is the coolest, funniest kid ever. They really are best buddies.

5: loves baseball, and can hit a pitched ball.

4: saw snow for the first time. Loved it.

3: saw us in Beauty and the Beast 7 times this summer and was ADORABLE. He cheered and laughed louder than anyone in the audience. He called Grandma Dar his "show buddy" cause they'd come together to the show.

2: loves being in Music Makers, performed solo's and can really ham it up.

1: is the most amazing 4 year old ever.

Bowen, 20 months old:
10: gave up his bear crawl and started walking a couple months before he turned one.

9: loves to be in the kitchen "helping" us cook.

8: says "hi" and waves to everyone.

7: loves shoes. He calls it "Halloweeee".

6: runs so cute. Almost like he doesn't bend his knees.

5: loves Baby Einstein and Elmo.

4: Cole is his best friend. He loves it when its time to pick Cole up from school each day.

3: when you ask him for kisses, he leans over and gives you his cheek to smooch over and over.

2: every time we play "light savers" with Cole, he wants one too.

1: is the most amazing almost 2 year old ever.

10: still teaching private voice lessons and music theater groups. Feels so blessed to get to LOVE what pays the bills.

9: performing in the Price of Freedom and Beauty and the Beast were big highlights of the year.


7: celebrated 7 years of wedded BLISS this summer!!! Being married to your best friend is incredible.

6: became a life time member of Weight Watchers. The BEST weight loss program ever!

5. tried sushi. Never again.

4: Went to Austin Texas this year, visiting our dear friends Jamie and Gina. A real treat!!!

3: Two trips to Utah in two weeks. Price of Freedom first, then DROVE to see Bailee's show. Hate that drive. Loved the show. Worth it? OH YAH.

2: About 6 months ago, Cole started asking for me to sing him to sleep. Always the best part of my day.

1: a wonderful year. This is a wonderful life.

Tyler: (30 years old FINALLY, by the way...) These are his words...

10: No longer driving to Tucson every week. If it wasn't for MaryLou and her hospitality I'm pretty sure I would not have survived that year.

9: Passed my first clinical competency exam... one more to go.

8: The humbling experience of doing the Mesa Easter Pageant. Everyone should have the experience to feel and learn what I got to experience this year. The best is that I convinced Linsey to join me for the next year.

7: Seven years of marriage to the love of my life and the woman who challenges, supports and loves me EVERYDAY

6: Watching Linsey play "Belle," the part she was born to play.

5: Going to Utah with Linsey to do Price of Freedom. Later driving to Utah and playing with Cole in his first snowball fight.

4: Seeing Jamie and Gina in Texas, and eating Gina's incredible potato salad. I dream of Gina and potato salad... Mmm.

3: Going on Cole's first field trips, including taking the whole family to the zoo. Yes Linsey, this is making my top ten moments of the year. I LOVED the zoo :)

2: Performing for Gilbert's Constitution Week. People may not know that this hair not only comes in handy for the Easter pageant, but also to play the role of Francis Scott Key.

1: Each day I come home to two amazing boys running to the door, with their beautiful mother trailing behind. What a reminder everyday to try a little harder, and love a little better. Can't wait to see what next year brings!

Merry Christmas
Bring on 2010!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trips to Utah!

We went to Utah two weekends in a row last month. The first we were flown up to do a performance of "The Price of Freedom" with a private school in American Fork. It was SO fun! We stayed with the amazing Melissa Wright in her beautiful home in Ceder Hills. We got to see Bailee for a BIT on Sunday... Good times! Here are a couple pictures of Ty and I after the performance.
Here's Jenee and I posing in our hats... not sure what this is all about...

Here's Ty, Bay and I in front of Melissa's amazing house. Check out that gorgeous door!
The very next weekend, Ty said, "lets jump in the car tonight and drive to Utah to see Bailee's show." It was totally spontanious, we were possibly going to go with the whole fam, but Ty really wanted to go this weekend before finals came up. So we hopped in the car and went! My mom came along too. It was the first time the boys had ever seen snow! What fun! Photobucket

Bailee was AMAZING in her show "Children of Eden" as Mama Noah, the audience clapped forever after her song. The people on stage just stood frozen waiting for them to stop clapping. Bravo sis

Cole was so cute watching the show. He was so proud of his auntie Bailee!
Saturday we got all bundled and drove to an area in Provo where there was a good amount of snow. Ty and Cole had so much fun throwing snowballs at eachother!

Snow is so romantical.

While we played in the snow, Bo slept in the car.

We went to dinner with Bay and some of her friends and our friends Josh and Sabrina ( they were SO awesome to watch Bo both nights while we went to the show. ) Glad to get this picture with mom in it.

Cole wanted in on the fun.

Bo loved his gloves and mittens, calling them "Hall o weeee", any time you put any item of clothing on him, he thinks its Halloween...