Monday, December 29, 2008

A moment...

All throughout our relationship, Ty and I will occasionally say to the other, " I just had a moment..." Its hard to explain, but basically it means that our heart skipped a little beat as we either thought of the other, were with the other, or thought of something about our relationship etc. Well just a few minutes ago, I had a moment. Sitting here talking with Tyler who just got home from "work/practicum" in Tucson ( he is there every Monday and got to come home early...) and as he was talking about his day, I had a moment. Got the little butterflies in my tummy and just realize once again how crazy madly deeply in love with him I am. He is seriously the most amazing man ever. So humble, so sweet. He desires to do whats right always. SUCH an amazing dad. He is SO good to me, and overlooks all my flaws. I get a foot rub each night, etc etc!!! I mean I could go on for days. I am so proud to be his wife forever. So lucky and so looking forward to many more MOMENTS with him.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas Fun!

Every year since we have been married, Tyler writes me a letter. Usually it just makes me cry. This year, he made me laugh AND cry! He is THE BEST!!!!

Santa brought Cole a new guitar, ( think this makes his 7th guitar to add to the collection )
AND a race car!!!

Christmas Eve and Christmas P.J's!

Santa: I am looking to you for leadership in the nice department for this next year.
Cole Man: I want a guitar!

A Christmas Miracle

My brother Travis and his wife Stacey have not had it
easy when it comes to having kids. Travis had leukemia
as a child and it has left them with infertility problems.
Navi is their first little miracle baby shown here... This was how
they shared their news of another miracle baby coming in July.
It was SO wonderful. We are so happy for them! Words just can't express!

This is Travis, and his shirt was the first one that I saw Chrismas morning at
our moms house. He had a big smile on his face, and I just burst into tears!
This is Stacey. She is such a great mom and I am just so happy for her!

This is 18 month old Navi. She'll be a big sister!!!
Congrats again Travis and Stacey! We love you guys!

A little victory...

Ok, so those of you that know me well, and especially some of you "high school friends, " ( nudge, nudge, Rob and Greg ), know me well enough to know that I have struggled since I was a teenager with a little somethin'. Now I shouldn't call it "little" because there have been some incredibly awful times, deep depressions even, because of it. In high school and in to my early 20's, I was bulimic, and it turned it to a big obsession with food and weight. I have gained and lost the same 30 - 35 lbs about a million times since then, and I am not really counting pregnancy weight gain. Don't get me wrong, the last 8 years or so have been SO SO much better. I have found Weight Watchers to be the lifestyle that works best for me... Right now, I am trying to lose the last of the baby weight. It takes me about a year to get back, not like some women who leave the hospital in their "skinny jeans"...I do consider it an addiction tho, and the obsession with it all never goes away... ( I often say, that if it was alcohol, I'd be an alcoholic...) BUT this week, I had a little victory. Usually over the holidays I "give up" trying to lose weight or maintain and just have a binge fest from about Thanksgiving till Christmas. This year I was determined to at least maintain my weight and have the holidays not be all about food. Well, I DID IT! Not only did I not binge, I lost weight this week! WHOO HOO!!! I can't even express how nice it was to be in control and have what I wanted in the right portion sizes, ( thank you WW and flex points...) I only hope that this is a stepping stone for New Years, Valentines and Easter! I can do it!!!


This is Cole with his special dog Max. Christmas Sunday.
The boys on Christmas Sunday before church. Is there
anything more difficult than trying to get a 3 year old
and 8 month old to sit still for a second and SMILE?!!!
Off to deliver 12 days of Christmas gifts. Cole LOVED running
up to the houses and running back to the car!

This is at my little Music Makers' performance. They did SO good!
Our show was called "Believe".

These next pictures are from our tradition of delivering my moms neighborhood Christmas gifts on my dads motorcycles. He was always a scrooge about it, but since he passed away, its been a fun tradition to continue. My brothers Jake and Travis are on Dads Harley and Triumph and Tyler and my mom are in the van with the kids, and whoever else...

Photobucket We rarely get a picture with just mom's kids and our spouses. So glad we have this! From left to right, Colleen and Jake Brinkerhoff ( Colleen's expecting Baby Libby in March! ) , Travis and Stacey Brinkerhoff ( Stacey is expecting baby boy or girl in July! ) Bailee Boo, Me and Tyler.

Studley Travis on the Triumph.

Jaidyn, Kenzy and Cole Man. The little elf delivery kids.


My sister Bailee and my brother Jake on dads harley.

Photobucket Mom and Tyler.

Cole and Mommy... He was so dang fun. He'd run out with Kenz and Jade, yelling "Merry Christmas!"

December Fun!

Cole Man and Bowen as we were about to leave to hear our
neighbors' family bell ringing concert. Cole INSISTED on putting his "elf hat" on
to match Bo's.
So proud of my finished tree...The front room tree that is,
we have a more fun one in the back room... And really, it
looks SO much better in real life! This picture doesn't do it justice...

Me making Cole take a second to take a picture with me.
This is at my moms waiting to take Brinkerhoff family pictures.

Tyler's aunt Darlene Clifford has the little kids over every
December for Gingerbread making. So fun! Although Cole wasn't too interested...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Pictures

These are just a couple of pictures from our (second) Christmas photo shoot. Thanks to our GREAT friends Steve and Janae Thomas for doing these for us. More to come as I figure this blogging thing out...

I know I am totally biased, but these are two of THE cutest boys ever!

Thanksgiving Fun

Cole doing what he does best at the Family Talent Show.
Singing "Slow Ride" at the top of his lungs!

Since this was Bowens first Thanksgiving, I just had to get him this outfit.

Typical picture, trying to get everyone to smile AND look at the camera!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Christmas card that didn't make the cut

After a struggle of a photo shoot, and some photoshop, this pic didn't make the Christmas card this year.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I don't get blogging!!!!!

How am I supposed to learn this stuff? I went to Cutest blog on the block .com like everyone said. There are all these computer words that I don't know. I really want to be cool like everyone and be a blogger, but I can hardly stand that my blog is so un cute the way it is right now, yet I have NO idea how to change it. UG!