Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lets Rock-N-Roll with COLE! He turned 4!

Cole Man turned 4 last Saturday. He wanted a "rock n roll" party. Uncle Travis set up Rock Band at Grandma Dars house, Ty made a guitar cake, we hit a guitar pinata, and had little blow up guitars for party favors. What a fun day! I can't believe our baby boy is FOUR YEARS OLD!

This is Cole's cousin Navi. Isn't she adorable!

I knew that the party would consist of most of Cole Man's friends playing outside, while he rocked out! That's exactly what happened. Here he is totally zoned....

My mom was cleaning out over at Grandpa DeWitts and found this guitar guy she had made years ago for my uncle. She brought it to Cole to add to his collection of guitar stuff for his room. How cute that they kinda look alike! I think I may paint his outfit red to match Cole's room better.
Some "Cole-isms"....
*yesterday I asked Cole to do something, can't even remember what, to pick something up or something like that. He stopped in his tracks, looked at me and said, "what in the world! Do you wanna go to time out?" Cole trying to send mommy to time out. Gotta love that kid.

*Grandma Dar was babysitting Cole the other day and they were counting money. She was explaining how much different coins were worth, and picked up a penny and said, "This is worth one cent. Its called a penny", he said, "No grandma its a ONE-Y".

We love you so much Cole Man. You have brought so much joy to mommy and daddy. We love watching you discover new things and learn new words. You are such a sweet boy with so much spirit and energy. We are so glad you came to live with us! Here's to many more wonderful rockin' birthdays!
Love, Mommy and Daddy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok so here is a picture of me and my man, Ty. THE MOST AMAZING HUSBAND AND FATHER EVER. DONE. Ok, well I can't be done there. Let me just pay a little tribute to this guy. First off, he is in his 2nd year of graduate school studying Psychology. He LOVES his field of study and is so looking forward to being a "shrink" someday. (as am I, because I need therepy often...) So for anyone who has been through grad school, AND had kids, you know that it can be very stressful. This week, he has probably gotten less than ten hours of sleep total due to writing papers and school projects and stuff. BUT let me just say that he is STILL SO helpful to me and with the boys. Always making sure that I am ok, and that I get time to myself etc. We knew this would be hard, I am not sure that either of us had any idea how hard, BUT I can say that we are doing it, and we are still in love and enjoying this crazy journey.