Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!

Wow! Where has the last year gone? I know, I know, we all say that. But isn't it so true? My dad used to say, " the days and weeks drag, and the years fly by. " Well, here we are... In lieu of sending out a letter with our Christmas card this year, I decided to just do a blog post with a little "update" instead. So here it is! MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS!
Photobucket Life is busy, life is crazy, but life is oh so good. Tyler is in his LAST year of doctoral school having received his Masters degree this year. Now we are on to internship, which is a one year deal...He has applied here in Phoenix, but also in California, Utah, Texas, and Nebraska. (Basically he has applied all to places that I will agree to move to if need be... Not exactly sure how the Nebraska application slipped by me...haha..) He will hear back soon who will invite him for an interview. Fingers crossed!

I am still teaching private voice, and then our 3 music theater groups we now teach together, which is so very fun! Our little business is called Maxson Music and it pays the bills and I can't complain its just a joy to be able to do what ya love! See what that is all about at

We perform together whenever we can. We find joy in any type of performing we can do. In April we were able to perform Rob Gardner's "Lamb of God" at the Salt Lake Tabrenacle, and to sing in that great historical building was truly marvelous! Ty was again in the Easter Pageant, and this next year, me and the kids will be joining him. We are really looking forward to that experience as a family.

On to the kids....
Cole is now 6 years old. What a kid! He loves first grade. He is reading great, and is especially good at math. In the Spring, Cole was in the school talent show singing "One Last Kiss", dressed in a leather jacket and all, and he stole the show! People were amazed at what that then kindergartener was capable of...While he still LOVES his music, guitars, drums, singing etc, He has found LEGOS to be way awesome and is hoping Santa comes through with all the Ninjago stuff Santa can come up with! He takes Lets Play Music class, participated in Basketball, Baseball and Soccer. Later this year, Cole came up with the idea of doing bake sales, and we quickly started doing "Coles Cookies" ...bake sales once a month. He has become quite known for his sales around the "hood". He is hoping to earn enough money for Disneyland in 2012. We LOVE our Cole Man.

Bowen Troy, what a joy! This sweet boy is 3. He melts our hearts. He is loving preschool, Veggie Tales, Baby and Little Einstein, LEGOS, painting and playdough, soccer and baseball ( which he is quite good at! ) with Dad and Cole in the backyard, and he is mommy's little buddy... on any errand I need to run, he is always the one that wants to come along. Bowen loves the zoo and his favorite animals are the elephants. Bowen learned to swim this summer and had a blast in Grandma Dars pool! All the time people comment on his expressive beautiful eyes. Bowen can work an ipod better than most adults, and can keep himself entertained for hours watching "necklace" (Netflix), with his favorite shows. It is truly a joy to to be this boys mom and dad.

Photobucket Ridge Tyler Maxson, born earlier in the year, is now 10 months old (gasp. again... Stop, Time!) While throwing a 3rd child to our little mix has really been challenging ( we were warned, people told us that once you are outnumbered its much so. true.) Ridge is just the sweetest little guy. He is going to be walking any second now... and he thinks his big brothers are the coolest guys ever! He is constantly trying to "play" with them, climbing all over them. He recently started saying "uh oh", and he "sings" along with us whenever we are doing our little family harmony singing. ( Which is usually our own 3 part version of You are My Sunshine! Ha!) He especially loves Daddys special song for him, which is " If I Were a RIDGE Man" ( think Tevya from Fiddler on the Roof ) Ridge is the perfect addition and we are so thrilled to have him!!



People often comment and say "wow. ALL Boys ?" and ask if we will "try for a girl" next. I am never quite sure how to respond. My feeling is just the same thing we learned in kindergarten, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit". I believe the Lord really knows what he is doing, and whatever we are sent is wonderful. I don't know any different, so to me, being a "Boy Mom" is delightful. Plus, ( and you can tell this from the picture above ), this way, I will always be the "princess"! Ha! No complaints here.

Tyler and I both want to wish you and your family the very Merriest Christmas. And Happy New Year too of course. We are grateful for our lives together and to get to share this responsibility of raising these wonderful boys with each other. We know without a doubt that the Lord has a hand in all things, and that because of him we are able to be happy in this life. We owe it ALL to Him.

Merry Christmas!
Love, The Maxsons
Tyler Linsey Cole Bowen and Ridge

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa !!! I know him !

We had so much fun seeing Santa ! Bass Pro shop really has a great set up and I think we may even go back again..

Also the boys loved making gingerbread houses...

Love this holiday season!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feeling thankful...

So I was not at all good about doing the daily post on Facebook about my gratitude and what I am thankful for...and it certainly wasn't for a lack of blessings.

So I have come back to this post many times in the last few days trying to figure out what to say and any  type of list of what I am  thankful  for seems so insignificant compared to the blessings I have  received because of this amazing family I have .

When I truly think about all I am blessed with,  there is absolutely no room for sadness, comparison to others, regret, envy, etc.

Life is good. Thanks to the Lord for all my many amazing blessings.

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