Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Making her laugh, by Tyler

So, lately Linsey has been complaining that I don't make her laugh anymore... This got me thinking. I know, hard to believe that I can still get the wheels turning up there. Really though, I started thinking how things really are different now - now that we have CHILDREN. I realized that my humor is being taken by two little boys who sweetly rob me of my silliness with their innocent eyes and their addictive laughter. So is that the reason why I'm boring to my wife? Could it be that the fun has been sucked from me by these thieving leprechauns of laughter? Are my children actually parasites of pleasure.
Nah, it's the sleep deprivation...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Visiting Bailee in Utah

Photobucket I went to visit Bailee this summer. She asked me to come, I wanted to go, so I went. SO much fun. Here is us on our hike to the Y.


Photobucket We hit as many cute shops and boutiques as we could. I was brave and bought this hat.... haven't worn it yet... I will. Sometime.

Photobucket Seriously, one of the quickest, yet most relaxing, needed, FUN trips ever. I LOVE YOU SISTER!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, here I am FINALLY posting about our fun summer... You may or may not have seen us this summer in "Beauty and the Beast"at Hale Theater in Gilbert. Ty played the Beast/Prince, and I played Belle. Truly the most fun role I have ever played. EVER. I LOVE the dramatical stuff, I do, but this playful, innocent, strong, character was just so fun. TIRING yes. Do I know that doing shows as my hobby will always stay a hobby? Yes, more than ever. So here are some pictures...

Here is the classic Belle outfit. It was super fun to wear.

Tyler was an INCREDIBLE Beast of course. It was like falling in love all over again to play opposite him again...


Photobucket Kelli from Sweet Cakes in down town Mesa, came to the show and brought Tyler and I 2 boxes of their amazing cookies. WOW! My mouth waters as I look at this picture. Thanks again Kelli!

Photobucket Cole Man's first time seeing us in a show ever! He came to the show 6 times. He loved it. So many audience people would say that they had more fun watching him watch us than watch the show itself! Grandma Dar brought him most of those times, they called eachother "show buddies". Cole would be the FIRST to laugh at all the jokes. He was SO DANG CUTE.



Our GREAT cast. What fun!!!!