Monday, September 3, 2012

Mommy Moments...

So lately I have been thinking... I am GOING TO MISS THIS... by "this" I mean all those wonderful moments that being a mother bring... by "miss", I mean, its going to FLY by... already has, already is. So I am going to try to blog more, by way of documenting and journaling... so that I will be able to go back and remember these wonderful, and at times VERY trying, times...

A few thoughts on each of these little stinkers...First about Cole... Cole is  loving 2nd grade. He has a fantastic teacher, Lindsey Layton... he goes to school happy and he comes home happy. She expects the students' best, and she rewards their good behavior. She is calm, and the kids WANT to be good... so happy that he is in such a great classroom! Lately, Cole has been very inquisitive in his questions... asking me things like, "mom, why did you stop teaching school", and all kinds of other things...Yesterday, he learned about tithing in church. He COULD NOT WAIT to turn in his 1 cent that he owed. I took him back to church after we were home, after he filled out his tithing form, and he beamed all the way in and was beaming when he came out. We talked about how great he felt having done that...( Helping Jesus to build more Temples and churches, and helping people in need...) He loves being the center of attention, and can break dance like no other. He is very eager to start up Coles Cookies Bake sales...more info on that to come... love this kid!!

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Next, Bowen Troy, what a joy!

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Bowen is named after my dad, Troy Brinkerhoff, who passed away before Bowen was born. I love saying his full name, Bowen Troy as a tribute to my dad, but also because I love saying the "what a joy!" part with it. This is truly him, a JOY. The other day I said to him, "Bowen, why are you so cute?!" He said, "because I smile like this!", and this picture is the face he gave me. Bo just started pre k, or BIG BOY SCHOOL, as he calls it, ( NOT preschool...) and he LOVES it. He also has a great teacher Miss Janis, and a great aid, Miss Marcy. When I drop him off and sign him in, he says to me, "mom, its time for you to go now." We wondered if Bo was going to want to be in the spotlight as much as Cole does... well last night, we had our sunday school class over for cookies, and he performed over and over, singing " You are so beautiful" to the girls, and of course " Cause I'm a Guy"...The stinker is still SUCH a picky eater, and getting him to eat fruits and veggies is almost out of the question. But we have really tried to crack down and its getting better....I love seeing him play good with Cole, ( don't get me wrong they have plenty of brotherly spats....) when they play good, its so wonderful. He is also loving being a BIG brother to Ridge. So funny to see him talk "baby talk " to Ridge...This guy melts me!

Now on to Ridge. Or the O RIDGEinal., or RIGDE inator, or RIDGERator.....he has many fun nicknames...

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(NOTE: FIRST OF ALL, I have to say I HATE that this cute picture of him was taken in the ever messy older boys room. I have officially given up on trying to keep it picked up... yes, we make them pick it up all the time, but it doesn't last long... I really try to keep the rest of the house clean, but this room... I ignore... mostly)

Ok, this boy... BOY! When did he turn into a BOY and not a baby anymore? UG! It goes so fast... too fast. This little stinker is talking up a storm. His favorite sayings are " NO more! " "All done!" " I want that!" and " Oh man!" he also loves calling and following and bugging his older brothers, " CO!! " and "BOOOWEN!". He has recently gone into the nursery at church, and surprisingly, he isn't diggin it... He has cried and cried most Sundays and one of us has had to go in there. It will get better I am sure... I love my little one on one time with him in the mornings while Bo and Cole are at school. He is so bummed when they leave, and can't wait for them to get home each day. Love this sweet BUSY boy so much!

Being a mom really is the best. The HARDEST, but best thing ever.

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