Tuesday, September 2, 2014

WARNING: vulnerable, raw, and candid post here. But it has a PURPOSE! So read on....I am writing this for one reason only, to share a bit of personal information in hopes of being able to reach out to others who have struggled similarly… Ok… For years I have struggled with weight issues, body image issues, obsessive thoughts, and have been a self proclaimed professional "diet-er". In fact in my late teens and early 20’s, my eating disorder was pretty severe with anorexia and bulimia… Since I was 16 years old, I have been on SOMETHING… I have done weight watchers, my fitness pal, juice diets, no carbs... etc... Well, I have decided that enough is enough. After years of restricting certain foods, way too many moments and hours and days spent thinking about calories or what the scale says, and binge after binge occurring after feeling guilty for eating some of my “forbidden foods”, I have decided that I want to build a healthier relationship with ALL types of foods, none being “off limits” AND I want to love my body for all it does for me… So, Lately, thanks to my awesome inspiring sister Bailee Morris , I have been delving in to an "intuitive eating" approach. Food is not BAD, food does not make you "bad"... there is no "cheating" its JUST FOOD. Now here’s the reason for writing this post…I have wanted to put together some sort of support group for any and all that want to learn more and learn together about this approach to life.... life with FOOD...This would NOT be a diet club, but more of a group to stop the madness of dieting and obsessive thoughts about ourselves etc... I do not by any means intend to offend anyone who is currently dieting or using any sort of tool to lose weight. I am simply trying to reach out to drum up some interest for a possible group that meets maybe once a month for support. Thoughts? Who would be interested? It would maybe be somewhat of a book club, in that the book "Intuitive Eating" would be our manual so to speak... If you are interested in participating, feel free to comment below, or if you would rather send me a private message please do. I really hope this will help any of you that have also had a similar struggle… lets help each other!

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